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The improvement to a property that cleaning achieves is absolutely stunning. Whether your property is painted or just suffering the effects of decades of pollution and airborne dirt, we can restore it to its original glory and add to your properties value and desirability.

In addition to the traditional blast cleaning, we can chemically clean stone and brick, which means  there is no dust and noise involved.

In many cases, no scaffolding is necessary as we have our own access platforms so the transformation can be achieved in one day at a very affordable price. Give us a call and see how little it costs to make your property "as new" again



   Restoring brickwork on a barn conversion.

   Removing old lime wash from buildings

   is a relatively quick task and can be done

  wet to minimise dust.








Distressing new limestone to be used

in a period conversion to an old

 vicarage. This process is used to

 artificially age new cut  stone by

 removing the sharp edges and giving a

weathered and more pleasing look, and not contrast from the original property.


     After the old rendering had been removed on this old farmhouse, the stonework was sand blasted ready to be re-pointed. 







This transformation gave a completely new look for this property








Please click picture to find out how we helped

 transform Naburn Hall near York.




















































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