< able blast cleaning are blast cleaning contractors specialising in cleaning oak beams and pine beams we service the building and engineering industries in the North of England.  Blast
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                                                         Wooden beams

Oak and pine beams are a feature in most older properties. Whether they are painted or just covered in grime, we can quickly restore them to their natural beauty. With our specialised blast cleaning trucks we cover all of U.K. and by using the best systems and media we can give you the best possible workmanship.  We also clean and artificially age green oak and new pine beams, to remove stains and saw marks so that the wood is a pleasure to look at.








                                                           150 year old pitch pine beams cleaned in a day









                      Green (new) French oak, blast cleaned for clients to remove stains and construction marks. Please note that on this occasion we used very fine nozzles to clean the wood, as the final skim of plaster had been applied before we did the job. The owner was very pleased that the work was done to a high standard, and his plasterwork was undamaged. This type of work is normally carried out earlier in the construction.










                                    Pine beams being blast cleaned prior to wood preservative being applied



      Pitch pine beams cleaned  at Lendal house in York. We were grateful to be given the opportunity to restore the beauty of these historic timbers
























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