cycle frame painting

cycle frame painting


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Powder coating

is the best coating for whatever type of cycle you wish to freshen up.

At our workshops we can quickly and economically return your frame to as it was when it left the factory.

We use a special blend of solvents which are inert on metals, but will remove all of the grease, grime , and paint

which we then blast clean at low pressure using only the finest of media to give the perfect surface profile to accept the

Powder coating in the colour of your choice,

We can do Ral or BS colours

How to prepare your cycle frame for powder coating
Present your cycle frame with all brackets and fittings, bearings, grease and road dirt removed. To remove the paint with minimal damage to the frame it will go into a solvent striper, which will ruin rubber and plastic left fitted with bearings. The heat used to cure the paint will melt any thick bearing grease , this will then run over and ruin the new paintwork.  we can only receive the components stripped ready for processing. If you  wish to send your frame by courier, it will cost in the region of 15 each way. Please send your frame  well protected and boxed so that we can send it back to you in perfect condition The whole process will take around 10 days from posting your frame to the smile on your face when opening up the box to see perfection.
You have two choices:
1. Leave fitted the nuts and bolts, these will then get painted. The paint around the edges of the threads will be broken when they are removed, leaving a serrated edge but the threads will have been protected.
2. Leave the threads alone, and we will mask them, but be prepared to run a tap or dye.
We will endeavour to protect as many threads as possible
The following prices are for any of our 220 stock  colours. We may not carry an exact colour for your requirement, so a compromise match may be needed. Although it is possible to have the colour specially manufactured, the price at 300.00 is usually prohibitive.
Some decals cannot tolerate 200 degrees Celsius and melt when we apply powder lacquer to protect them. They are only suitable for over coating with liquid lacquer. It is difficult to tell before the decals are applied whether this will happen, as a result of this, and not knowing the exact position the customer requires them to be placed, we no longer apply decals.
The cost
The price to powder coat using the full external specification, designed to with stand the punishment of hard riding in extreme conditions.
Price to powder coat steel or aluminium frame set with non-metallic:
Hard tail frame with or without standard non-shock forks 60.
Soft tail frame with or without standard non-shock forks 60.
15 extra for metallic.
Surely an affordable price to have your cycle frame painting done professionally