General maintenance

Soda blasting can be used in fleet maintenance for removing decals, logos and collision work, as well as cleaning construction equipment without having to remove any parts in order to preserve them.
Soda blasting can remove paint down to the base without damage to the metal, glass, rubber or aluminium trim in a fraction of the time. The baking soda will not damage or infiltrate hydraulics or engine parts.
Soda blasting on metal actually leaves a coating which inhibits rust. This allows the restorer the flexibility to repaint the surface straight away or leave it for a couple of months.
Benefits include:
  Eliminates the need to use sanders
  Soda will not damage metal, glass, plastic or aluminium trim
  Soda will not damage or infiltrate hydraulics or engine parts
  Inhibits rust
  Shipping container cleaning and maintenance
  Truck and machinery paint stripping
  Cleaning and deodorizing skip bins