Heavy Industry

The traditional methods used to remove contaminates from machinery are sand blasting or jet washing. This involves hours of masking and taping to prevent sand entering the hydraulics, engine parts or other openings and passageways. Machinery is often out of action for days while this process takes place. Soda blasting reduces this time considerably therefore saving money and leaving the machinery in great condition.
Benefits include:
  Removes dirt, oil, grease, process residue and paint
  Will not harm ceramic surfaces
  Will not remove galvanized surface on any base material
  Will not damage glass dials or surfaces. It actually polishes glass when used with water
  Can be used in hazardous areas where sparks or naked flames can be fatal such as inside fuel drums, pipes or silos
  Will not fill in weld seams or cause crack closure
  Printing will remove ink build up on printing press rollers
  Petrochemical plants
  Water treatment facilities
  Oil and water storage tank farms
  Pulp and paper mills
  Factories and mines