Preparing a hull for painting can be one of a boater's toughest jobs. Traditional power washing is not effective against removing bilge oil film, old paint and blisters. Rougher methods like sanding and chemical treatments can destroy the boat's thin gel coat. Soda blasting the surface removes multiple layers of old paint and opens up blisters for repair in a fraction of the time.
Soda blasting directs a high pressure stream of soda at the hull using compressed air. Every care is taken not to affect the immediate surroundings by carefully tenting off the area being blasted. All contaminants removed by the soda blasting process are safely contained and disposed of appropriately.
Benefits include:
•  Removes layers of old paint in a fraction of the time of traditional methods
•  Removes bilge oil film, old paint and exposes blisters
•  Is mobile and can move from boat to boat, yard to yard
•  Does not penetrate the protective gel coat
•  Ensures hull retains ‘no drag' due to multiple layers of paint being removed
•  Environmentally safe using little or no water
•  Can remove all existing paint from the gel coat in preparation for a final surface buffing
•  Can remove the shine from the gel coat before the bottom is painted
•  Can prepare the hull for a blister protecting barrier coat
•  Can remove blisters in only a few hours