Public works

Soda blasting is a very effective way of removing oil, grease, paint and other contaminates from car parks and other public property. It is also a safe and efficient way for line removal.  Using the soda blasting method there is no abrasion to the surface, so no water accumulates. There is no threat to passing vehicles, bystanders, or workers and as the soda is water soluble, clean up is achieved by simply washing away or spraying with citric acid.

Benefits include:
  Removes graffiti quickly and efficiently
  Removes rust staining, paint, exhaust fume
pollution and more from most surfaces
  Does not cause damage to original surface
  Restores sandstone, marble, brass etc monuments
  Is water soluble and has NO impact on the
  Can be done without the use of water or if water is required, only a minimal amount is used