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 Triffitt Trailer


We were asked recently to renovate a 15 year old Triffitt trailer. The trailer had been well maintained and was structurally good. The only drawback was that it looked terrible ( as you can see from the pictures below).

We sand blasted the trailer using a very fine media so the finished surface was smooth and not pitted.

As soon as the trailer was sand blasted, 50 litres of zinc phosphate primer was applied by airless spray.

This gives a coating which is 4 times thicker than a conventional spray and will ensure many years of service.

The following day 15 litres of top coat was applied by air assisted airless spray and the trailer was back in use the next day.




We only use Williamsons paints, which over the many years that we have been in business, have found to be the best that we have used for application, finish and durability.



Our vehicles are totally self sufficient for this type of work as they are fitted with 400 cfm compressors to get the work done quickly, after coolers to remove moisture from the air to ensure that there is no moisture on the metal surface and airless spray equipment to ensure that the protective coating is applied before the metal starts to oxidise.